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Bigger and Better Business became a prinicple concern of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity in 1924. At the 1925 Conclave, the voting body make Bigger and Better Business a national program. In April of 1926, business programs were sonsored by chapters throughout the nation. Since 1926, Bigger and Better Business Program has been sponsored on a national scale by Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.
The purpose of the program are: 
1. To make surveys of business conditions on a community basis and to provide for the wide dissemination of the findings through printed reports, forums, and lectures. 
2. To cooperate with the United States Department of Commerce, Small Business Administration in the promotion of its programs to aid small businesses. 
3. To cooperate with Junior Achievement, Inc., through promoting and assisting in the establishment of branches of Junior Achievement. 
The program is under the supervision of the National Director of Bigger and Better Business. The National Director is assisted by the Regional Director of Bigger and Better Business from each of the seven regions. 
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